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Automobile and Motorcycle Accidents

A 60 year old man was struck by a truck, and sustained serious bodily injury and lost wages.
Recovered: $1,200,000.00

A 40 year old man was broad sided while riding his motorcycle, sustaining orthopedic injuries
Recovered: $550,000.00

An elderly woman was injured in an automobile accident sustaining multiple injuries
Recovered: $675,000.00

A young man was struck from behind by a tractor trailer causing injury to his spine.
Recovered: $115,000.00

A young mother and her child were injured in an automobile accident.
Recovered: $129,000.00

A retiree was struck from behind by an inattentive driver sustaining back and neck injuries.
Recovered: $65,000.00

A landscaper was struck by a car that ran a red light and suffered head and shoulder injuries.
Recovered: $48,000.00

A T-bone crash injured a young man’s shoulder and caused him to miss a month’s work.
Recovered: $40,000.00

The family of a man who injured his leg after being hit by a driver who ran a red light.
Recovered: $100,000.00

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Premises Liability

A property owner injured her leg and knee by falling sheetrock due to the negligence of the building contractor.
Recovered: $225,000.00

A woman slipped and fell in the grocery store causing injury to her foot and leg.
Recovered: $130,000.00

A woman slipped and fell while dining in a restaurant causing injury to her knee.
Recovered: $40,000.00

An elderly woman and her daughter received injuries when an escalator malfunctioned in a large department store.
Recovered: $45,000.00

A man fell down a steep ravine in a park, sustaining injuries to his legs and arms.
Recovered: $100,000.00

While walking at a tourist attraction a woman was struck by a toddler riding a tricycle causing injury to her knee.
Recovered: $80,000.00

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Medical Malpractice

An infant sustained a brain injury at birth.
Recovered: $1,825,000.00

A 25 year-old pregnant woman was refused treatment by a hospital, causing injury to the mother and causing her baby’s death.
Recovered: $1,250,000.00

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Negligent/Inadequate Security

Two women were raped at different times at a 24-hour laundromat and sued for inadequate security.
Recovered: Confidential settlement

Twenty one year old woman murdered in her apartment in Knoxville.
Recovered: Confidential settlement

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Food Borne Illness

Two minor children sustained E. coli infection from exposure to contaminated hamburger meat.
Recovered: Confidential settlement

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Occupational Asbestos Exposure Related Injuries:

A deceased veteran and Department of Energy iron worker, who was diagnosed with mesothelioma.
Recovered Over: $1,000,000.00

A retired carpenter from a local aluminum plant who was diagnosed with mesothelioma.
Recovered: $625,000.00

A retired operator who was diagnosed with asbestosis and subsequent lung cancer.
Recovered: $592,000.00

A retired chemical operator who was diagnosed with asbestosis and died from his lung disease.
Recovered: $460,000.00

A retired machinist who was diagnosed with asbestosis and COPD.
Recovered: $325,000.00

A retired Navy veteran and industrial welder at various sites throughout the U.S., who was diagnosed with lung cancer.
Recovered Over: $300,000.00

Nassios & McLaughlin has represented hundreds of workers and their family members, who sustained asbestos related cancers including mesothelioma, and helped them to recover millions of dollars in compensation.

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Department of Energy Employees Occupational Injury Compensation Program:

A welder received medical benefits, lost wages and impairment compensation for his bladder cancer.
Received: $400,000.00

The surviving spouse of a retired DOE worked received compensation for her husband’s cancer.
Recovered: $275,000.00

A former DOE worker received lost wages compensation for his inability to work to retirement age due to his occupationally caused lung cancer.
Recovered: $60,000.00

A current DOE worker received medical benefits and impairment compensation for his occupationally caused asthma
Recovered: $55,000.00

A current DOE worker received medical benefits and compensation for his occupationally caused hearing loss.
Received: $45,000.00

Nassios & McLaughlin has represented nearly two thousand individuals and their families seeking lump sum compensation and workers' compensation claims and has recovered approximately $45 million dollars for our clients.

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Worker’s Compensation:

A 50 year-old truck driver sustained a lower extremity injury during a motor vehicle accident at work.
Recovered: $699,000.00

A 54 year-old welder experienced back problems requiring surgery and could not return to work as a welder.
Recovered: $170,000.00

The surviving spouse of a retired DOE worker sued for her husband’s death due to bladder cancer caused by radiation exposure.
Recovered: $124,000.00

A retired laborer developed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease from the inhalation of smoke and fumes during his employment.
Recovered: $81,500.00

A woman suffered a knee injury from her work on a production line.
Recovered: $17,000.00

A retired Department of Energy administrative worker developed pulmonary fibrosis.
Recovered: $255,200.00

A retired pipefitter developed lung cancer from exposure to radiation 10 years after his retirement.
Recovered: $239,600.00

The children of a retired Department of Energy worker sued for their father’s death due to lung cancer caused by radiation exposure.
Recovered: $56,000.00

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You and your staff have been wonderful in representing my family over the years and we truly appreciate everything you have done for us. I certainly would be glad to refer you to my friends and family, should they require legal representation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. B.D.
The settlement you were able to secure for me has been a godsend. I have been in treatment for breast cancer and one of our daughters lost her job. This money has kept us from losing our house. B.H.
Originally I did not want to pursue a claim against the Department of Energy for my husband’s death. I knew my husband had wanted me to but I was grieving. Your office obtained compensation for me, and I am proud to know my husband and I will be able to leave something to our precious granddaughters. S.C.
Mike, I want to thank you for all your hard work representing me over the past five months. Without your efforts I am positive that my situation would be bleak. You went above and beyond and I owe my future to you and I will always be thankful. N.M.
You and your office have helped me through a difficult time. I made mistakes but thanks to you, I have a second chance. L.K.